Open House Osaka (In Japanese: Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka)

Open House Osaka is the largest annual architecture event in Japan. We started an open house event in Osaka for the first time in 2014, and have joined Open House Worldwide in 2019. It showcases a wide range of both historic and contemporary architectural styles. Visitors can experience the full spectrum of Osaka’s outstanding architecture, from famous works of renowned architects to traditional wooden housing.

Every autumn for just two days, over 150 buildings open their doors to the public. Many of them are usually not open for public viewing. Open house Osaka offers you a wonderful opportunity to experience the inside of those buildings with no entrance fee required. In addition, Open House Osaka also provides talks, workshops and exhibitions. We sincerely hope you will enjoy them and discover all the charm of Osaka.

The Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka (2018)

The Executive Committee of Living Architecture Museum Osaka

Having been hosted by the Osaka City Government since 2013, The Living Architecture Museum Project sees the city of Osaka itself as an architectural museum and aims to promote the attractive environment of the city through its buildings. As the main public event of this project since 2014, Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka has established itself as the largest architectural festival in Japan. This festival is an extraordinary opportunity for people to experience the dynamic city of Osaka by exploring its Living Architecture.

In order to further develop this project, the Executive Committee of Living Architecture Museum Osaka was founded on 20th July 2016. It consists of private companies, architectural experts, Osaka city officials and others. Today, this committee organizes the festival and conducts various activities to promote the creation of a new urban attraction in Osaka through its Living Architecture.

The Article & Members(JP/PDF)

*Living Architecture: The Executive Committee of Living Architecture Museum Osaka advocates a new way to appreciate architecture through its unique values not as traditional ‘cultural property’. Living Architecture aims to showcase the variety of buildings, both classic and modern, that reflect Osaka’s urban history, culture and everyday life. These buildings tell us the story of a vibrant city.

Open House London 2018 inspection group composed mainly of the executive committee members (2018)